Would You Like To Partner With Corporate Tax Network?

Corporate Tax Network values the business relationships that we maintain with our partners. We know that in order for a partnership to be successful, it has to be mutually beneficial for everyone involved. And in order for a partnership to work, it must be mutually beneficial for all involved.

As the nation´s largest tax and accounting firm that specializes in assisting small businesses, we work closely with tens of thousands of start-ups, established companies, and individuals to ensure their tax structures and business plans are assembled in the best possible ways. The varied nature of our in-depth services and our national footprint benefit our partners, while their strengths can greatly benefit our company as well.

When you partner with Corporate Tax Network, you´ll have the ability to provide your clients with a wide range of tax and accounting services that are custom-fit for all new and established small business owners. Over time, bundling our services together has been a tremendous advantage for both our business and our partners. Our menu of services includes one-on-one consultations with our experienced tax professionals, our flat-fee unlimited tax consulting service, and valuable financial guidance on a variety of levels. Let our experienced tax and accounting professionals handle the specific needs of your clients, while adding to your bottom line at the same time!

Bundling our services with the ones you offer will allow you to present more compelling services to potential clients. When you combine your services with ours, your clients will enjoy a greater selection of options to help put them on a path to prosperity. This can also strengthen the relationships your company has with your clients, which can help to increase client relations and retention over time. The benefits that our partners are enjoying after establishing a working relationship with Corporate Tax Network increase with each passing day.

When you combine your services with ours, your clients will enjoy a broader array of options to help them succeed. This will help strengthen the relationships your business has with your clients, which can significantly increase client satisfaction and retention. In fact, the benefits that accrue to our partners after starting to work with Corporate Tax Network are quickly becoming legendary.

If you partner with Corporate Tax Network, you will receive:

  • A revenue share for referrals to increase how much your company earns.

  • A client retention rate increase of up to 30%.

  • More promotion for your company.

  • Our low-cost tax and accounting services with a national reach.

  • Valuable networking opportunities.

  • A rewarding and ongoing business partnership that is beneficial to everyone involved.
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